Metaviewer by Metafile

Paperless ERP for Microsoft Dynamics®

Pitch the Paper Clips and go beyond the electronic file cabinet with MetaViewer Paperless ERP.

Capture Invoices and line item detail regardless of source. MetaViewer Invoice Accelerator captures electronic and paper invoices and eliminates tedious data entry.

Automatic workflow routing delivers a smooth process and full visibility. With paper eliminated, bottleneck alerts and status notifications, you now have 2-and 3-way matching and automated GL coding into Microsoft Dynamics at the fingertips.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics® ensures seamless efficiency and reduces costs. MetaViewer offers a full integration suite for all of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Retrieve documents from within Microsoft Dynamics, capture POs, reports, checks, and correspondence produced by Dynamics; automatically post invoice and GL information directly to Microsoft Dynamics.