Noah C. Moseley

Noah Moseley is a founding partner of the MSX Group and specializes in budgeting, financial reporting and analysis software solutions. Noah has an accounting degree from Troy University and years of field experience implementing Microsoft FRx, Microsoft Forecaster and Microsoft Management Reporter for partners and clients as a Microsoft Certified consultant. His years leading consulting implementations have given Noah a broad understanding of budgeting and reporting requirements across a diverse range of industries including advertising, agriculture, aviation, government, legal, manufacturing, medical and non-profits – to list a few.

Noah actively updates users and partners on Forecaster, FRx and Management Reporter online where he manages and also teaches training classes on these same applications both online and in classroom settings. Noah passionately encourages a community-type involvement among partners, clients and application users as a means of broadening each member of the community’s understanding of the products they use in business, how best to implement those products and how to most effectively employ those products in improving their business focus and success.