Bjorn Kuijt

Before joining to-Increase, Bjorn held the position of business consultant in several
domestic and international implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX. He joined
To-Increase in 2005 with seven years experience in the software industry, including
work for Concorde XAL.

Before his current position, Bjorn led the To-Increase Business Integration and
Discrete Manufacturing development teams for Microsoft Dynamics AX. After
joining To-Increase, one of his first goals was to gain a foothold in the United States.

Today, Bjorn works with a world-wide network of partners to expand and
strengthen the To-Increase portfolio for Microsoft Dynamics AX business solutions.
Bjorn has worked with Microsoft Dynamics AX since 1998. His business interests are
geared toward expanding verticals for Microsoft Dynamics, Business Integration,
Product Lifecycle Management, partnership, and Business Process management.