Microsoft Dynamics NAV: A World Beyond ERP

ERP as we know it is quickly fading into history, as new paradigms take place. It's not just about Cloud computing – it's about ERP getting increasingly more decentralized: ERP functionality is available literally everywhere, from mobile devices, web and desktops, and integrating various line of business application into one system is incredibly simple. Where once there was a boundary between ERP and "other" applications, now there is a fuzzy blur of connectors and interfaces, and we are right to say that we are already beyond the traditional world of ERP.

All of this looks great in some generic ERP theory, but it looks even better in a perspective of an ERP system which we all know well: Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Join Vjeko Babić, an MVP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV visionary, as he explores the technical capacities already present, and arriving in the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, to see how NAV turns the world beyond ERP paradigm into a reality.

Cloud | ERP