Five Years Later: How to Manage, Optimize, and Improve a Deployed Dynamics AX Solution

Consider some of the most common Go-Live inquiries: When we will Go-Live, how we will Go-Live? What are monthly closing steps? User complaints regarding business process; and need to get more commitment and user adoption to ERP.

In this session, we will examine common scenarios including as they related to Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  1. ERP Implementation vision (set the implementation vision and identify the road map how to reach it?)
  2. ERP getting started (Go-Live and data migration best practices for going live)
  3. Post Go-Live (shadowing, support, and closing)
  4. Improving usability to the ERP solution (enhance data entry process, short cuts, automatic fill in,..)
  5. Review users' feedback, and user mistakes
  6. Getting more in depth with exception cases
  7. Stabilizing daily process, and enhance closing process
  8. ERP collaboration options (alerts, notifications, work flows,..)
  9. The beauty of reports
  10. BI and analysis
BI Analysis